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Hawaiian Word of the Day: ikaika

ikaika: 1. Strong, powerful, sturdy, stalwart, potent; strength, force, energy, might, vigor, determination. ho’oikaika, hō’ikaika. To make a great effort, work hard, encourage, animate, strengthen, fortify, try, strive, strain; calisthenics. Ho’oikaika kino, body building exercise. Pili ho’oikaika kino, relating to body building, athletic. Pōhaku ho’oikaika, stones lifted as a test of strength. E ho’oikaika ana au e hana i kēia, I’m going to make a great effort to do this. 2. A name reported for Jupiter (Pukui & Elbert, 1971).


E kū’ē pono, Stand and resist in a right way

Kuku kapa e is my way to kū'ē pono e.

Kuku kapa e is my way to kū’ē pono e, make a protest and stand in opposition to the losses that happened in Hawai’i nei. Especially those due to the effects of colonization and the unlawful overthrow of our Hawaiian Ali’i.

Hawaiian Word of the Day: ‘ohana

‘ohana: 1. Family, relative, kin group; related. ‘Ohana holo’oko’a, ‘ohana nui, extended family, clan. 2. To gather for family prayers (short for pule ‘ohana) (Pukui & Elbert, 1971).

Nā kupuna a'u.

Nā kupuna a’u. Ko’u ‘ohana.

Hawaiian Word of the Day: hapa haole

hapa haole: Part-white person; of part-white blood; part white and part Hawaiian, as an individual or phenomenon. Hula hapa haole, a hula danced to a mele hapa haole (a Hawaiian type of song with English words and perhaps a few Hawaiian words) (Pukui & Elbert, 1971).

I am hapa haole.

I am hapa haole. He hapa haole au.

Hawaiian Word of the Day: palapala

palapala: 1. Document of any kind, bill, deed, warrant, certificate, policy, letter, tract, writ, diploma, manuscript; writing of any kind, literature; printing on tapa or paper; formerly the Scriptures or learning in general; to write, send a written message. 2. Maui name for pualu, a fish. 3. Variation of name for maomao, a fish (Pukui & Elbert, 1971).

Palapala to the U.S. written by Queen Lili'uokalani

Palapala to the U.S. written by Queen Lili’uokalani

Hawaiian Word of the Day: ho’okupu

ho’okupu: Tribute, tax, ceremonial gift-giving to a chief as a sign of honor and respect; to pay such tribute; church offering.


Ho’okupu for Prince Jonah Kūhiō Kalaniana’ole Pi’ikoi. This statue commemorates Ali’i Kūhiō at Prince Kūhiō Park in Kōloa. A celebration for aloha hali’a is held annually to honor this great Ali’i who did so much for Hawaiians in his life (1871-1922). http://princekuhio.net/

Hawaiian Word of the Day: makakilo

makakilo: Observant, watchful eyes; to watch with great attention (Pukui & Elbert, 1971).


Hawaiian Word of the Day: hali’a

hali’a: Sudden remembrance, memory, especially of a loved one; fond recollection, premonition; to recall, recollect fondly. Hali’a aloha, cherished or loving memory; to remember fondly. ho’ohali’a. To evoke reminiscence or recollection; remembrance; to remind (Pukui & Elbert, 1971)..

Hawaiian Word of the Day: pō’ulu

pō’ulu: Bark of tender breadfruit shoots, as used for less fine tapa (Pukui & Elbert, 1971).


Hawaiian Word of the Day: ho’oki

ho’ōki: To put an end to, terminate, conclude, annul, to finish, stop; end.

Proto-Polynesian: oti.

Stages of kapa-beating includes the final stage of ho’ōki, which requires using an i’e kuku ho’ōki with a watermark such as an ‘upena hālua niho mano, shark tooth with fishnet design.


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