kapa kulture

This blog is dedicated to Hawaiian kapa and matters related to Hawai'i nei…kuku kapa e!


This website is a very important resource for the kapa community as it represents a historical legacy that contemporary kapa makers can easily embrace. Dalany Tanahy has been making kapa and sharing her knowledge for almost two decades.



Kapa with watermark, by Dalani Tanahy

Kapa with watermark, by Dalani Tanahy

3 thoughts on “KAPA HAWAI’I

  1. Michael Horito on said:

    I am interested in finding out where I can buy some kapa strips, approx. 6″ wide and 6 feet long. A simple, traditional design, maybe just one color. Or something similar to the sample shown above on the website.


    Michael Horito

  2. Beautiful! I learned something new today! Carry on!

  3. I’d like to know where I can learn how to paint on Kapa and where to buy the Kapa paper.

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