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Hawaiian Word of the Day: wehi

wehi: 1. Decoration, adornment, ornament; to decorate. ho’owehi. to beautify, decorate, adorn. 2. A song composed as an adornment, a song honoring someone. Ha’ina kou wehi, sing the adornment, your song. 3. Dark (Pukui & Elbert, 1971).

Ka wehi ma kapa

Pā wehi ma kapa

Hawaiian Word of the Day: pōhaku

pōhaku: 1. Rock, stone, mineral, tablet; sinker; thunder; rocky, stony. Mauna Pōhaku, Rocky Mountains. Ke ka’a maila ka pōhaku, the thunder peals. ho’opōhaku. To harden, as lava; to petrify; hard. Fig., stubborn. (Proto Polynesian: fatu, Central Polynesian: poofatu.) 2. Weighted with rocks, hence stationary, not moving. Pōhaku kaomi moena, a stone weighing down a mat, said of a homebody. Pōhaku ‘au wa’a lā le’ale’a i kai nei (chant), fleet of canoes at anchor, happy here at sea. ho’opōhaku. To remain long in one place; to stay at home. E ho’opōhaku, e hoho mālie (chant), stay, rest quietly. 3. Type of crab (Pukui & Elbert, 1971).


Hawaiian Word of the Day: ku’i ku’i

ku’iku’i: To pound, punch, strike, box, hit, hammer; to beat out, as metals; to churn, as butter; to boom or clap, as thunder; to smite, injure, to jar; to prod, as ‘opihi shells from rocks with a knife, formerly with sharp stones; to clash (as sound).

wauke ku’iku’i: Bast from fully mature wauke that required more beating (ku’iku’i) than younger wauke (wauke ohiohi).

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