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This blog is dedicated to Hawaiian kapa and matters related to Hawai'i nei…kuku kapa e!

“You Are Accused of Throwing Sticks at the Queen …”

Misunderstandings and cultural differences are still no excuse for land grabbing and greed…

Bite Size Canada


“The law is a hard, queer thing.  I do not understand it.” — Poundmaker, at his trial, 1885

Louis Riel surrendered to General Middleton on May 15, 1885, and the Northwest Rebellion was over, although the Indian Chiefs Poundmaker and Big Bear were still at large.  Poundmaker was in the bag first, but Big Bear did not give up until July 2.  He scattered his men,Chief Poundmaker, 1885 eluded dozens of military scouts, and reached Fort Carlton, where he surrendered personally to Sergeant Smart of the Northwest Mounted Police.

Poundmaker and captured a supply train and twenty-two prisoners on May 14, but realized the game was up when he heard the news of Riel’s capture.  He released Indian agent Jefferson, who had been one of his prisoners, and sent him with a message to Middleton on May 24.  He asked for surrender terms in…

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