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Archaeology at the Kukaʽiwaʽa Landshelf, Kalaupapa National Historical Park

Pacific Island National Parks

Kalaupapa National Historical Park preserves thousands of archaeological features, many of which date to the time of the kama‘aina and ancient Hawaiians. Recently, National Park Service staff conducted an archaeological survey of a remote area of the park known to have significant features. From April 22 – 26 and May 6-10, cultural resource staff from Kalaupapa National Historical Park camped in the park’s backcountry, on a remote landshelf on Molokai’s north shore, called Kūkaʽiwaʽa. The landshelf is on the eastern border of Waikolu valley, accessible only by boat or helicopter.



Kūka’iwa’a at a distance and on the landshelf.


The helicopter lands at Kūka’iwa’a. Note ‘Ōkala and Mōkapu islands in the background.

The area is heavily vegetated with a native coastal forest of lauhala (Pandanus tectorius) and hau (Hibiscus tiliaceus). The features were obscured by dried lauhala and live vegetation, requiring removal before recording. After the area was…

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